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Explore Mount Rigi in Lucerne, Switzerland | Highlights, Visitor’s Guide & More

Mount Rigi, also known as the ‘Queen of the Mountains’ in Switzerland, is a prominent peak located near the city of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne, offering a mesmerizing alpine experience. Ascend to its summit and you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and the picturesque lakes below. It's a nature lover's paradise replete with hiking trails, picnic spots, and many enjoyable activities. Mount Rigi is a serene and captivating destination that you must visit if you wish to explore the Swiss landscape.

Quick facts about Mount Rigi

  • Official Name: Mount Rigi
  • Location: Near Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Date of Opening: Popular tourist destination since the 19th century
  • Timings: Open year-round, with varying schedules for different activities and attractions
  • Visitors: Over 600,000 visitors annually
  • Function: Scenic mountain with panoramic views, hiking trails, wildlife park, caves, chapels, observation points, and historical significance in Swiss tourism.

Plan your visit to Mount Rigi

What's the Mount Rigi opening hours?

Mount Rigi is open all year round at all times.

Best time to visit

Mount Rigi is a great place to visit anytime. From November to February, accommodation is cheap. If you want fewer people around, go on weekdays. Visit between 9 AM and 5 PM for the best views. For a peaceful experience, visiting in the mornings and evenings after 5 PM is your best bet.

Where is Mount Rigi located?

Mount Rigi is situated in Switzerland, in the heart of the country. It's close to the city of Lucerne and overlooks Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz. The mountain is easily accessible from these areas, making it a popular day trip from Lucerne. 

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Mount Rigi highlights


Rigi-Kulm, Mount Rigi's summit, hosts a historic hotel, eateries, and shops. It's the highest reachable spot via cogwheel train, offering stunning Swiss Alps and lake views. The iconic Rigi Kulm Hotel provides a serene setting to admire sunrise, sunset, and the peaceful mountain scenery. Enjoy exploring, relaxing, and soaking in the breathtaking Swiss landscape.

Rigi-Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa

At Rigi-Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa, unwind amid beautiful mountain scenery. This rejuvenating oasis offers mineral-rich waters, wellness treatments, and a modern spa that seamlessly blends with nature's backdrop. Whether post-hike relaxation or indulgence, this peaceful Swiss Alps retreat promises a touch of luxury in a serene setting.

Alpine Herbs Garden

Learn about native plants and herbs and their traditional uses at the Alpine Herbs Garden situated in Mount Rigi. This garden exhibits herbs and flora, offering insights into their medicinal and culinary properties as you enjoy a leisurely stroll. It's an educational, delightful experience merging the region's botanical heritage with natural beauty.

Rigi Scheidegg

Rigi Scheidegg, a charming mountain village, offers a peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful backdrop. Access more scenic spots and hiking trails via a cable car. This tranquil setting, coupled with the convenience of the ropeway, makes Rigi Scheidegg an excellent starting point for relaxation and adventure in the Swiss Alps.

Cogwheel Trains

The cogwheel trains are iconic attractions offering a scenic and historic journey to Mount Rigi's summit since 1871. They provide a unique and charming mode of transportation, adding to the mountain's rich history and appeal for visitors seeking convenience and an authentic Swiss adventure through lush landscapes.

Rigi-Bahn Museum

Discover the cogwheel railway's history at Vitznau's Rigi-Bahn Museum. Through vintage locomotives, artifacts, and displays, it showcases the evolution of mountain rail travel since 1871. Dive into its engineering, cultural importance, and the pioneering spirit that shaped Switzerland's tourism and this historic railway.

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History of Mount Rigi in a nutshell

Mount Rigi boasts a captivating history as a renowned Swiss landmark dating back centuries, with the mountain's scenic and serene beauty attracting artists and writers in the early 19th century. It quickly gained fame as a must-visit tourist destination. In 1871, Mount Rigi witnessed a groundbreaking development with the world's first cogwheel railway, providing easier access to its summit. This railway innovation revolutionized Swiss tourism, setting the stage for the country's iconic rail travel network.

During the late 19th century, Rigi's grand hotels and resorts welcomed European nobility and dignitaries, thereby establishing its status as a luxury destination. The mountain played a crucial role in shaping Switzerland's tourism industry, symbolizing the nation's natural splendor. Today, Mount Rigi continues to draw visitors with its breathtaking panoramas and outdoor activities, preserving the rich legacy that has made it an integral part of Switzerland's cultural and natural heritage.

Additional information about Mount Rigi

The primary attraction at Mount Rigi is the stunning panoramic view of the Swiss Alps and nearby lakes, including Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz. Mount Rigi is a stunning spot for stargazing and observing celestial events due to its elevated position with minimal light pollution. You can enjoy stargazing sessions facilitated by local experts or independently observe constellations, shooting stars, and celestial phenomena. The mountain's observatory or dedicated stargazing platforms offer prime vantage points for viewing astronomical events. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to witness various celestial occurrences, including meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and planetary alignments.

Whether it's a casual night spent scanning the stars or attending organized astronomy events, Mount Rigi provides a captivating backdrop for experiencing the universe's celestial appeal.

Frequently asked questions about Mount Rigi

What is Mount Rigi?

Mount Rigi, situated in Lucerne, Switzerland, is a captivating mountain renowned for its breathtaking alpine vistas, extensive hiking trails, and historical significance in Swiss tourism.

Why is Mount Rigi famous?

Mount Rigi is renowned for its stunning panoramic vistas of the Swiss Alps, its historic cogwheel railway - the world's first in 1871, and its symbolic representation of Switzerland's natural beauty. The mountain's captivating scenery, extensive hiking trails, and historical significance in Swiss tourism contribute to its widespread fame.

What can I do at Mount Rigi?

At Mount Rigi, you can partake in various activities such as hiking along scenic trails, experiencing picturesque train rides, unwinding at mineral baths, exploring alpine herb gardens, and engaging in a range of outdoor pursuits.

How much does it cost to visit Mount Rigi?

The ticket prices for activities at Mount Rigi typically start around CHF 88. Costs may vary based on the chosen activities and transportation options.

How do I book tickets to visit Mount Rigi?

Tickets for Mount Rigi activities and transportation can be conveniently booked online through authorized booking platforms. Enjoy a seamless booking experience, ensuring a smooth and well-organized visit to this spectacular Swiss destination.

When did Mount Rigi open?

Mount Rigi has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century, with its historic cogwheel railway inaugurated in 1871, revolutionizing access to its summit.

What's inside Mount Rigi?

Mount Rigi encompasses panoramic vistas, extensive hiking trails, the historically rich Rigi-Bahn Museum showcasing the evolution of mountain rail travel, revitalizing mineral baths, serene alpine herb gardens, and quaint villages. Its diverse offerings cater to nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and those seeking relaxation amid stunning Swiss landscapes.

Is Mount Rigi wheelchair accessible?

Mount Rigi offers partial accessibility for wheelchair users. Some areas, facilities, and transportation options cater to individuals with mobility challenges. However, not all sections may be wheelchair accessible. It's recommended to check specific locations, activities, or facilities for detailed accessibility information before planning a visit.

Are there dining options available at Mount Rigi?

Yes, Mount Rigi offers various dining options for visitors. There are restaurants and mountain huts scattered across the mountain, providing opportunities to savor Swiss cuisine while enjoying the scenic beauty. These dining establishments offer a range of culinary delights, allowing visitors to refuel and appreciate the surroundings simultaneously.

What other attractions are near Mount Rigi?

Near Mount Rigi, several attractions await exploration. The picturesque Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and charming Swiss towns like Vitznau and Weggis are in close proximity. These areas offer additional scenic beauty, cultural experiences, and opportunities for leisurely exploration, complementing a visit to Mount Rigi.